About bluto

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bluto was created as a side project at IBM to serve as a tool which would integrate Twitter's feed with the feed from IBM's own internal microblog service (called BlueTwit). Since it's first release in November of 2008, bluto has become one of the most popular clients for BlueTwit and Twitter "inside the firewall." bluto's codebase is hosted on IBM's internal open-source repository and a few people have contributed code and bug reports across the corporation.

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When it was announced that Lotus Connections 2.5 would be supporting a style of microblogging people immediately started asking when bluto would support Connections' new "status" feature. Luis Benitez, an IBM Social Software Evangelist, took the base bluto code and implemented support for Connections in May of 2009.

The version released on this site supports Connections and Twitter, support for BlueTwit has been removed as a separate version of bluto with capability for all three services is already available within IBM's intranet.


Install it!

Installing bluto is extremely easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Install Adobe AIR by downloading it from here.
  2. Download bluto here.
  3. Double-click bluto.air to start bluto's installer.
  4. Profit!