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A plugin for jQuery which enables you to easily and accurately wrap your text around non-rectangular content of floated images. jQuery JavaScript
A simple tool for configuring your Flask application to automatically send stacktrace emails to a list of administrators. Python Flask
A Microframework for JavaScript which provides infrastructure for easily developing object-oriented applications, with support for multiple inheritance and super-constructors. JavaScript
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Make a POSH Search Field with Semantic HTML and CSS
Create a beautiful search field using clean, semantic HTML, and style it with some very effective CSS. Also, it’s progressively enhanced; which means it’ll still look and work fine even on browsers that don’t support CSS. CSS HTML
Adding addClass() and removeClass() to Dojo Dijits
Very few (if any) of the widgets in Dojo's dijit library provide methods like widget.addClass("someClass") or widget.removeClass("someClass"), so I decided that we needed to add them. Dojo JavaScript
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Hi. If you couldn't tell by this point in the page, my name is Jason. I'm a front-end web developer by trade. I like to think I'm pretty decent at stuff like HTML, CSS, JavaScript (especially really complicated JavaScript), Python and MongoDB. I like to use technologies like jQuery, Dojo, Flask, and Django. I think Twitter's Bootstrap is pretty fun as well.

I'm a Senior UI Developer for TransLoc (FYI, it's pronounced "Trans Loak") where I work with an amazing team of developers to make mass transit easy to use and manage. Every day we push the limits of the Google Maps API to show the movements of hundreds of vehicles in real time. We're all passionate about design and usability, and it shows in our products.

Previously, I was a Staff Software Engineer with IBM. I worked on a team within Tivoli which was tasked with developing cutting-edge user experience prototypes of web service performance and availability monitoring tools. We used a ton of Dojo.

I like to run, hike, and place dead last during the "Workout of the Day" at Crossfit Invoke.